Videos – Spinal Fusion Survivor

There are many videos that may be of interest to spinal fusion survivors, covering a wide range of information and experience. Fortunately, there is now information available that traverses both the surgeon’s point of view as well as the patients’ point of view.

Some people are prone to post their “success” stories. Although some of these may fall into the genre of testimonials, this is a very important type of experience to share. However, not everyone’s spinal fusion experience turns out to be an easy one. It is of great service to have someone like “Grandma Judy”, reviewed below, who gives a very realistic account of her experience, without any sugar-coating.

Grandma Judy – Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery Video Log

Grandma Judy – Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery V-Log

Fortunately, some spinal fusion survivors have chronicled their post-fusion journey in various ways. In this multi-part video series, Grandma Judy shares her post-spinal fusion experience in a personal, informative, and straight-forward way.

The issues and experiences chronicled by Grandma Judy in her videos are the next best thing to sitting down with someone in your own living room and having a chat about what the experience was really like for them, and what was really involved. Grandma Judy aptly fills in so many gaps from the patient’s point of view, that her videos are very useful, both in anticipation of such a surgery, and to compare notes after a spinal fusion surgery.


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